Luis Valle's Portfolio (Currently Under Construction)

Happy Birthday Kaijr!

Under the mentorship of Ichiro Lambe of Dejobaan Games eight other students and I worked full time to make Happy Birthday Kaijr! The game was present at PAX East, and the Made in MA PAX Party. I was one of the 3d artists for the game making and unwrapping assets ranging from props to fully destructible buildings. Sign up for our newsletter

Painting belongs to Olivia Horacek


A semester long project in which we concepted out several games and built upon one of them. 1692 was a culmination of each of the team members best ideas. Deep story, unique art style, branching dialug, and eerie music. I as art lead helped maintain the art style and along with the other artist developed an art bible that would be used as refrence for our models. We wanted everything to have a “sketchy” look by emphasizing cross hatching in the textures.

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